[ alexandria-Support Requests-1693049 ] "private" bit on mailing list not being honored

Luke Schierer lschiere at users.sf.net
Tue Apr 3 20:47:51 EDT 2007

On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 08:12:24PM -0400, Evan Schoenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 14:18 -0400, Luke Schierer wrote:
> > Personally I advocate just going straight for 2.0.0 final.  We've had
> > buggy releases before, and have handled it.  So we might have to  
> > release
> > a 2.0.1 very shortly after.  Who cares?
> >
> Could you expand a bit on your reasoning as to why it'd be better to  
> do a release with a significant amount of code and changes untested  
> by a larger group than to do a beta and a wait a bit on the actual  
> release?  As you handle so much of the support, I imagine you propose  
> that because it'd reduce net support load.. but I'm not quite seeing  
> the angle.
> -Evan

I'm looking at this release, and at our bug tracker, and at ubuntu's,
and debian's, and realizing that this long series of betas has left us
with a code base that still has a huge number of bugs.  Another beta is
not going to change that.

I'm looking at what's going into mtn, and seeing confirmation.  We
aren't all that good at freezing a code base. 

I'm looking at the reality of the confusion and noise the announcement
is going to make.  I don't see how this can really go "well."

I'm looking at our own history, full of buggy releases that, while they
have had their share of headaches, we've survived.

I'm looking at over a year of beta releases, and not liking it.

In short, I don't think another beta is going to make the final release
better, just further away.


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