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Evan Schoenberg evan at pidgin.im
Wed Apr 4 01:23:44 EDT 2007

On Apr 3, 2007, at 8:47 PM, Luke Schierer wrote:

> I'm looking at this release, and at our bug tracker, and at ubuntu's,
> and debian's, and realizing that this long series of betas has left us
> with a code base that still has a huge number of bugs.  Another  
> beta is
> not going to change that.
> I'm looking at what's going into mtn, and seeing confirmation.  We
> aren't all that good at freezing a code base.
> I'm looking at the reality of the confusion and noise the announcement
> is going to make.  I don't see how this can really go "well."
*nod* I was planning to argue that a a beta would let us ease into  
the Gaim-Pidgin transition, as a smaller number of people would take  
note... but under further consideration, anyone who (1) cares  
directly or (2) cares about geek things in general is going to hear  
about the switch, either through the site or through a news site  
since this will, I'm sure, make waves.  It's may  not be that  
advantageous in that regard.

> I'm looking at over a year of beta releases, and not liking it.
...and it would be totally hypocritical for me to not see that as a  
nearly strong enough impetus by itself.  Adium 1.0 did the beta thing  
for over a year -- and a small part of that was that I was tracking  
and fixing bugs in the Gaim 2.0.0 betas through the Adium betas, but  
the vast majority was unrelated.  Eventually, you just have to pull  
the trigger.

> In short, I don't think another beta is going to make the final  
> release
> better, just further away.
I think this is partially false, in that another beta would make the  
'final' release better.. but true in spirit, as it would make it no  
better than 2.0.1 would end up being. It's moot so long as we're not  
discussing major crashers and showstoppers.

Are there a significant number of reported major bugs new to the 2.x  
series?  I've seen scattered reports in the libgaim world of MSN  
behaving worse now than it did previously, but I generally attribute  
such things to Microsoft's servers just being terrible and users  
being unreliable reporters -- MSN users in particular.  I've used the  
GTK interface only sporadically.

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