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Hylke Bons h.bons at
Sat Apr 7 07:59:06 EDT 2007

I'm sure there are still more things to be done, but i think there
should be a fixed deadline.
Else the release will be pushed ahead and ahead (which has been for too


Kevin M Stange wrote:
> Mark Doliner wrote:
>> How's this for a plan?  We announce to translators and packagers as soon as we
>> can.  We get the web page smoothed out, document all the crazy new
>> changes either on a new page somewhere or on the wiki, then announce on Sunday
>> night once we're ready.
> The changes list needs to be cross-referenced with the 2.0.0 ChangeLog /
> ChangeLog.win32 files (they have been inconsistently updated) and they
> should probably be refactored to include UI changes relevant to Pidgin
> that were certainly not in there at all.  ChangeLog.API should probably
> have a giant note about API/ABI compatibility, as should the ChangeLog.
>> I don't think we should release another beta.  I think we should just get this
>> puppy out the door as-is and see what happens.  But I DO think we should wait
>> a week before actually releasing.  That should let the more hard-core people
>> play around with what's in our Monotone repository.
> I concur.  I think the Windows Makefiles still need to be reworked to
> eliminate "GAIM" references.  Daniel, do you have stuff in your local
> tree, or does anyone care if I attack this tomorrow?  My key has been
> uploaded to Monotone, but no one has explicitly or blanketly given me
> permission to change things, so I am not committing anything without
> asking first.
>> Where to host downloads?  We can't serve files from  SourceForge
>> may not like us using them only for file downloads (I really don't know), but
>> I think that is our best option for now.  We should create a pidgin project on
>> SourceForge (or maybe try to rename the existing Gaim project?) and host our
>> downloads there.  In the future we can look into other options (I'm definitely
>> in favor of moving away from SourceForge entirely, if it's feasible.)
> I think this is fine, but again offer the suggestion that if we do
> decide we dislike the SF release system, I am most likely able to
> contributed a mirror of packages via work in case this is ever desired
> in the future.  Gathering 3 or 4 "sites" willing to do so would probably
> be fine for Pidgin.  Again (so there is no confusion), I am not saying
> we need to do this, just making known that there are strings I can pull
> to help in this area.
>> I nominate Luke for emailing the translators and packagers (either by bugging
>> Sean to do it or just sending an email out yourself).
>> And it's Easter weekend, so if you guys are really busy I don't see any
>> problem with pushing this back a few days--nobody really took notice of the
>> Digg post or gaim-cabal hubbub.
> Kevin
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