Stu Tomlinson stu at
Sat Apr 7 09:22:37 EDT 2007

I think we need to get these done before we release:

- Fix the upgrade path, currently we lose all gtk prefs (due to prefs
name change from /gaim/gtk to /purple/gtk), and lose the set of enabled
accounts (due to ui='gtk-gaim' change to ui='pidgin')

- Do something about ~/.gaim, I still strongly believe we should use a
simple "if ~/.gaim already exists use it, otherwise create a new

- Fix translations in libpurple so they won't trample on 3rd party UI
implementations that also use gettext

I would like to see these done but don't know if they are blockers:

- soname versioning of libpurple, and possibly libgnt too

- Separate translations for libpurple/pidgin/finch



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