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Sat Apr 7 23:45:16 EDT 2007

Evan Schoenberg spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > >- Separate translations for libpurple/pidgin/finch
> >
> >This sounds like more work for the translators with little gain.  But
> >I guess it would allow Adium to re-use our libpurple translations?
> >Sounds good to me.
> I'd *love* to be able to reuse translations -- so much translation  
> work! -- but I don't think that's a viable immediate goal in terms of  
> Adium using them, because there are too many instances at present in  
> which we depend upon parsing out the strings in order to know what  
> information is being passed in from libpurple.  After 2.0.0 is out  
> I'm going to make up a list and look at how we can switch in at least  
> those instances to passing around an enum value or an English  
> identifier string so the UI can act as it wishes, but I imagine that  
> this will also include a number of strings changes so I waited so far  
> in order to honor the string freeze.  Maybe we should make this a  
> 2.0.1 goal, as well?  Or are there problems with gettext *using* the  
> translations with the purple strings being in a separate binary from  
> the gtk UI?

Other adium hackeries aside, as I have stated before, Adium can use
the translations just fine even when they're all together.  I think
they should remain together.


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