[Cabal] ~/.gaim

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 15:29:10 EST 2007

We haven't talked much about about .gaim.

Do we keep everything the way it is? Do we move everything to .pidgin?
Do we move GTK+-related stuff to .pidgin, UI-nonspecific stuff to
.purple, gaim-text-related stuff to .whatever?

When moving data files around, especially logs and buddy icons (of
which I have hundreds of megabytes), can we be reasonably confident
that .pidgin exists on the same volume as .gaim, and we don't have to
incur a large cost of copying files around, probably requiring a
special "Transitioning to Pidgin" UI? Or perhaps we should just keep
everything in .gaim/ if rename() fails?

Do we rename all our preferences from /gaim/gtk and /gaim to /pidgin
and /purple? Or do we retain a single rooted tree and do purple/ and
purple/pidgin/? Do we manually call a gaim_prefs_rename on everything,
or do we just do a strncmp for "/gaim" and "/gaim/gtk" in the prefs

If we have a .pidgin and a .purple, do we probe the plugins in
~/.gaim/plugins to find out where they belong?


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