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Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Sat Feb 3 23:51:29 EST 2007

On Sat, 2007-02-03 at 12:29 -0800, Sean Egan wrote:
> We haven't talked much about about .gaim.
> Do we keep everything the way it is? Do we move everything to .pidgin?
> Do we move GTK+-related stuff to .pidgin, UI-nonspecific stuff to
> .purple, gaim-text-related stuff to .whatever?

I guess perhaps we could go the route of using that freedesktop.org
spec... If we're going to split things anyway, we probably should.

> When moving data files around, especially logs and buddy icons (of
> which I have hundreds of megabytes), can we be reasonably confident
> that .pidgin exists on the same volume as .gaim, and we don't have to
> incur a large cost of copying files around, probably requiring a
> special "Transitioning to Pidgin" UI? Or perhaps we should just keep
> everything in .gaim/ if rename() fails?

It's unlikely that someone has something mounted to ~/.gaim. I'd say,
if .gaim is a symlink, leave it alone. If .gaim isn't a symlink, we
should just call rename(). If that fails, we just leave it alone. If we
have to call rename() multiple times to split directories, I'd say we
should try to undo if things fail mid-way through, and then warn the
user (since we don't want to have the same failure every time they
startup Pidgin).

> Do we rename all our preferences from /gaim/gtk and /gaim to /pidgin
> and /purple?

In the interest of a complete split, I'd say so. In the interest of
backwards compatibility, I'd say no. However, in that case, we'd have to
leave .gaim alone as well. If we want backwards compatibility, I'd say
we should create new folders as .purple, .pidgin, both, or whatever, and
leave .gaim alone for a while. At some point when we decide backwards
compatibility isn't important anymore, we could then code it to
move .gaim and convert everything.

> Or do we retain a single rooted tree and do purple/ and
> purple/pidgin/?

I don't think this matters a whole lot, but it feels more intuitive to
me to NOT have a single root like that.

> Do we manually call a gaim_prefs_rename on everything,
> or do we just do a strncmp for "/gaim" and "/gaim/gtk" in the prefs
> code?

I think we could just change the prefixes. This would fit well with the
backwards compatibility implementation... we could rename on load as
needed, and on save IFF we're saving to .gaim.

> If we have a .pidgin and a .purple, do we probe the plugins in
> ~/.gaim/plugins to find out where they belong?

If we stop using .gaim, and if we want to do any probing of it, I'd say
we just probe that as the lowest priority plugin location. I don't think
we need to move the plugins or anything.


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