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Kevin M Stange kevin at simguy.net
Sun Feb 4 13:26:46 EST 2007

Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Kevin M Stange spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> For the record, Thunderbird seems to be incapable of matching any
>> headers besides the ones that have been predefined in spite of claiming
>> to be able to do so.  I cannot match the mailing list without the
>> Subject, From, or To for a search filter (it works for a manual search
>> or a filter at the time of delivery, so this makes no sense), which
>> makes the feature largely useless.  Perhaps if this issue does not get
>> resolved in Thunderbird 2.0, I will seek another mailer.
> I was discussing the ridiculousness of this thread and the apparent
> indifference to good software that many people have with a labmate who
> uses Thunderbird the other day, and he was able to create a working
> filter by using the To and Cc headers.  He was initially of the
> opinion that the [mungosity] headers were beneficial, but after a
> short bout of testing with Thunderbird he determined that he did not,
> in fact, need them.

I would, of course, prefer to switch on something more reliable and
correct.  Up to this point, I have always filtered on the Subject line
because it has been possible and seemed the easiest and most reliable
method that worked.

> The inability to switch on arbitrary headers is, of course,
> ridiculous, but should not have a bearing on this particular
> conversation; the only thing you will lose is the ability to filter
> messages Bcc'd to a mailing list, which should be few and far between.
> It does boggle me, however, that many people will put up with such
> broken software day in and day out, and not give it a second thought.

It isn't so much putting up with broken software as not seeing how the
software is broken.  I've never had much cause to try to filter on
arbitrary headers so I haven't run into this "fault" until now.  Now
acknowledging it, I am inclined to want something that works properly


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