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Evan Schoenberg evan at
Sun Feb 25 19:57:43 EST 2007

On Feb 25, 2007, at 7:46 PM, seanegan at wrote:

>  Evan can probably do OS X if he wants.

Pretty trivial to retrieve the default avatar, but it requires using  
AddressBook.framework, which in turn means that I'd need to use some  
Objective-C code.  At first thought, it'd probably be a lot of  
trouble to do all the extra checking to see if the compiler could  
handle it just to grab the "Me address book card" icon (which is  
where the default avatar is).  If there's interest in it existing for  
OS X and someone else can set it up, I could throw a function  
together easily... but it's probably more trouble than it's worth :)

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