[Cabal] Monotone keys

Ethan Blanton elb at psg.com
Sun Jan 21 15:53:34 EST 2007

So far I have installed keys for Sean, Mark, Nathan, and myself.
Any Gaim developers who are not on that list, please generate a
monotone key at your convenience (preferably *before* you have
something you want to commit!) and send it to me or put it in your ~
on homing.

We can also start discussion about third-party branches on pidgin.im.
The current monotone permission model makes putting third-party
revisions in the main database a bad idea; however, at some time it
should become very feasible.  In the meantime, I propose that we set
up a second netsync server which allows commits from various
trusted(ish) third parties -- e.g., packagers.  This makes committing,
say, a bugfix from Warren which wended its way through the RedHat
bugzilla as easy as something like:

mtn pull pidgin.im:1234 im.pidgin.packagers.warren.foofix
mtn approve -r h:im.pidgin.packagers.warren.foofix im.pidgin.pidgin
mtn merge im.pidgin.pidgin (if necessary)
mtn ci
mtn push

... preserving all of the revision history, etc., allowing DaggyFixes,
remaining intelligently mergeable across conflicts, blah blah blah.
Obviously accepting a patch is no more difficult (and might involve
fewer commands, depending on the process), but it loses some of this
information.  That depends on third parties being willing to work with
the system, as well (Warren, is this sort of capability something you
would view as worth your time and effort, for example?).  It could
also facilitate exchange among packagers and third-party developers.

Anyway ... send me your keys, and discuss.  :-)


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