[Cabal] Making sure I'm doing the right thing with mtn

Ethan Blanton elb at psg.com
Sun Jan 21 01:48:58 EST 2007

Mark Doliner spake unto us the following wisdom:
> On Sat, 20 Jan 2007 21:08:34 -0500, Evan Schoenberg wrote
> > If I pull the pidgin mtn repository and co it out as  
> > UsingPidginMonotone indicates (im.pidgin.pidgin), then commit and  
> > push, is that the right way to make changes for 2.0.0?  I'm going to 
> >  do the MSN bug fix discussed on gaim-devl, or apply dude's patch if 
> >  he actually writes it before I get impatient and do it myself, and 
> > I  don't want to screw things up.
> That sounds right to me.  I'd like to ask an additional question: after
> generating a key for ourselves, how do we change the mtn server on pidgin to
> accept changes coming from our key?

Someone who *has* commit access has to send your key (with mtn push or
sync and the --key-to-push argument) to the server.  After that, you
edit ~monotone/.monotone/write-permissions and add your key ID to that
file.  To generate a key file that you can send to someone, use 'mtn
pubkey <keyid>'.  You can send it to me or to Sean, right now, and as
keys get distributed that list will grow.

I had kind of hoped people would actually *play* with monotone during
the several month waiting period during which it was being set up or
even up and running, getting some of this out of the way.

A purely database-driven method is in the works (not involving any
write-permissions file type editing), along with some other neat
permissions architecture changes, but I'm not sure when that will hit.

> I'm getting this error when mtn pushing:
> mtn: warning: protocol error while processing peer pidgin.im: 'received
> network error: 422 remote public key hash
> 'cc475d6ed3e62e0458659c41bb58ac72f63d88c9' is unknown'

Yeah.  If the server had your key, you would get a permission denied.
That error message is sort of suboptimal.


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