[Cabal] Logos. Second draft

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Mon Jan 22 02:00:31 EST 2007

On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 18:04:26 -0800, Sean Egan wrote
> So, with scores ranging from 45 to a single 75, this guy falls
> squarely in the F to D range, although I think these are definitely a
> lot better than the first reviews. If he can keep up that level of
> improvement, we might have a shot.
> According to the contract, we owe him an additional $300 upon
> completion of the project. Upon receiving payment, the rights
> transition to us.
> I believe we get a third review, after which he might make some minor
> changes and it's considered "done." Or maybe the third review is when
> it's "done." I'd have to go look it up.
> Anyway, do you guys think it's worth $300 to let Denis finish this
> project (which we're clearly not happy with), or should we get out
> early, and find a different approach (likely more expensive than 
> $300, and more time)?
> I can see if I talk him into finishing the project and giving us the
> option of paying the balance to use it. See how interested he is in
> wagering that he can give us something we like, which is probably the
> best option for us.

I mostly agree with other people.  None of them seem very memorable to me.  I
like the top left one the most.  The whole "make it look like a speech bubble"
thing seems silly to me.  I feel like it severely detracts from the
memorability of the logos, and makes them look less pidgeon-like.  Is there
any reason all the logos are solid colors rather than with texture and color

Ever since Sean mentioned the Goodfeathers I think I've been hoping for a logo
that looked like them.  Can we just license this: :-)

I searched some stock photo sites and found two images that I like.  I really
like the style of the first one.  And the second one is how I picture a
stereotypical pidgeon in my mind.

Can we put him on hold while we explore other options, and then if we don't
find anything we like we could fall back to him?  That'd be my vote.


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