[Cabal] Bad news from Virginia

Luke Schierer lschiere at users.sf.net
Thu Jan 25 22:11:08 EST 2007

On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 03:57:07PM -0800, Sean Egan wrote:
> We're essentially back to where we were in December 05, with three
> possible outcomes:
> 1) We accept this agreement, don't get sued and change our name to Pidgin
> 2) We tell them we won't change our name, call their bluff, and then
> they give us something in return.
> 3) We tell them we won't change our name and get sued.
> 3. is really bad, because it costs a lot of money and even if we win,
> we lose all we've invested in the name change already.
> 2. is ok, but can very easily lead to 3, which is bad.
> 1. is giving up and conceding defeat, essentially throwing out the
> past year of efforts from me and the lawyers. But there's less a
> chance of 3 happening, which is good.
> Upon much reflection, I think my mind is that we should be making
> software and not bothering with silly law stuff. That we should take
> the settlement they will agree to and move on with our lives.
> -s.

I hate this.  I REALLY really hate giving in and getting nearly nothing
out of this huge bothersome delay.  

But I'm also sick of 2.0.0 being delayed.  #s 2 and 3 basically mean
that we start over and look at putting off 2.0.0 indefinitally. That's
not good at all.

so I guess I reluctantly vote for #1.


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