[Cabal] ~/.gaim

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Tue Mar 6 02:13:56 EST 2007

On Sat, 3 Feb 2007 12:29:10 -0800, Sean Egan wrote
> We haven't talked much about about .gaim.
> Do we keep everything the way it is? Do we move everything to 
> .pidgin? Do we move GTK+-related stuff to .pidgin, UI-nonspecific 
> stuff to ..purple, gaim-text-related stuff to .whatever?
> When moving data files around, especially logs and buddy icons (of
> which I have hundreds of megabytes), can we be reasonably confident
> that .pidgin exists on the same volume as .gaim, and we don't have to
> incur a large cost of copying files around, probably requiring a
> special "Transitioning to Pidgin" UI? Or perhaps we should just keep
> everything in .gaim/ if rename() fails?
> Do we rename all our preferences from /gaim/gtk and /gaim to /pidgin
> and /purple? Or do we retain a single rooted tree and do purple/ and
> purple/pidgin/? Do we manually call a gaim_prefs_rename on 
> everything, or do we just do a strncmp for "/gaim" and "/gaim/gtk" 
> in the prefs code?
> If we have a .pidgin and a .purple, do we probe the plugins in
> ~/.gaim/plugins to find out where they belong?

I don't have a strong opinion on any of this.  There certainly are a LOT of
questions.  I'm totally cool with just leaving everything in ~/.gaim/ and
dealing with it later (maybe even for 3.0).  My motivation is to get 2.0.0 out
the door as soon as possible, and changing things like this seem like they
could cause delays.

But if other people want to change things, I'm perfectly ok with that.


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