Fw: [Gaim-devel] Student Developer

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Wed Mar 14 12:16:56 EDT 2007

Sean, do you know if we're a mentoring organization for this year?  Looks like
applications were due on Monday and they're supposed to post a list on the
website today.  Wow, that crept up fast.

If so, sadrul and wabz, you should totally toss this guy some ideas of stuff
you'd like to see in Gaim-text.  And also think about whether you'd want to be
a mentor.


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From: "Eric Polino" <aluink at gmail.com>
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Subject: [Gaim-devel] Student Developer

Greetings to all,

My name is Eric Polino and I'm a Computer Science/Math student who is
planning on participating in Google's Summer of Code.  I have been
using Gaim for years and really like what it has to offer.  I have
recently started using Gaim-text and saw that it has come a long way
and has a lot of features implemented, but is still a long way from
completion...whatever "completion" means.  I was wondering if we could
work together a list of projects I could work on over the summer.  I
have some experience with curses and some experience with chatting
applications.  None of which are on the scale of Gaim-text, but still,
they aren't completely foreign ideas to me.

So anyways, if someone could let me know what's up that'd be great, or
where I could go for more direction.  Google's SOC applications are
due in 11days.
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