More birds

Megan Schneider caelum at
Wed Mar 21 15:26:44 EDT 2007

On 3/20/07, Kevin M Stange <kevin at> wrote:
> Nathan Walp wrote:
> > Also the tuft of hair on the top of 1, 5, etc is apparently a must.
> I agree wholeheartedly!
> Kevin

Hmm..I like the tuft of hair, the simpler eyes, and the happy beaks.
So, overall favorite is probably 10. 25 also looks cool, but I think I
prefer the other style of wings. I don't like the ones with the weird
eyes (18,19,20,17) or the toupe (like 24). I also prefer the body
colors to have at least two shades of the pink (like 10, instead of
like 14). If the lazy eyes were more round than square, I think I'd
like them better...they look kind of odd right now. Definitely like
the neck over wings better than wings over neck (6 vs 7). The main
thing I have against 10 is that he looks disturbingly happy...maybe if
he had 25's eyes?


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