Kevin M Stange kevin at
Thu Mar 22 03:30:53 EDT 2007

Sean Egan wrote:
> So, yeah, if people feel a need to talk as a group, in real-time,
> about the specific issues our attorneys have advised us not to discuss
> publicly, #pidgin sounds like an appropriate place to do it. But we've
> tread down the "secret IRC channel" road before, and it absolutely did
> not turn out well at all.

I don't see any real harm in the establishment of the channel to discuss
things related to the rename and/or legal issues in real time.  For some
of our discussion I think it might be less cumbersome than the mailing
list.  There have been numerous times so far that I've been tempted to
ask a general question about pidgin in which I didn't want to bother a
specific person, nor start a whole new thread, and having a place for
brief fast-paced discussions would have been handy.

Also, this channel will of course be ported to a traditional open
channel once we finally publicize the changes, unlike #gaim-dev which
was intended to be permanently secret.  As long as the process of
getting the legal issues resolved is continuing to move on as fast a
track as it can, then we know that #pidgin is going to need to be a
reality soon enough, so we might as well get it established and ready to
go.  Not that it's hard, but just one more thing to get out of the way...


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