Luke Schierer lschiere at
Thu Mar 22 08:30:32 EDT 2007

> Of course, anyone on this list can make a mailing list (if you don't
> have root access to, just ask), and anyone can make an IRC
> channel, and I won't stand in the way of anyone who does so. However,
> I think the need for devel at is covered entirely by
> gaim-devel at, and the need for #pidgin is covered mostly by
> #gaim: we should talk about Gaim development there, and (exclusively)
> legally sensitive topics here.

Anyone here lacking an account and/or the sudo access to create a list
(currently the only way to do so is the "newlist" command followed by
editing /etc/aliases) can contact me, and I will fix the problem. I've
been pretty good about distributing responsibility so far, in part for
my own sanity, and in part because we *are* an open source project, and
*not* a commercial entity where control might matter more.

I've been *very* impatient to get pidgin out the door.  The sooner we
can go public, the better.  If there is anyone it would be an insult not
to tell first, by all means, add them to this list & bring them up to
speed.  If you don't know the list password, you can IM me (I'm not
going to send it to an archived list).

We already have plans to give the translators and packagers a heads up
as soon as we get something from the Lawyers. 


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