Is 'purple' secret, too?

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at
Thu Mar 22 09:43:04 EDT 2007

So we're not supposed to make 'pidgin' public until the lawyers give  
the OK.  Is renaming libgaim to libpurple an issue, as well?

I'd like to commit HEAD to the adium Libgaim.framework repository.   
It has fairly low visibility in terms of number of people who check  
it out but is, of course, public.  I can continue to avoid using  
version control for Adium's libgaim (libpurple HEAD, used via the  
compatibility headers, will be in Adium 1.0.2, coming out soon) but  
if it's not a problem I'd rather return to the modern era :) Adium,  
the much more visible repository, will continue to use the  
compatibility header... which references only 'purple', not 'pidgin'.

'pidgin' *is* referenced in a couple comments in libpurple, however.   
Anyone both clever and caring could conclude that 'gaim' has been  
renamed to 'pidgin' based on the replacement.

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