When to announce

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Thu Mar 29 10:54:42 EDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 00:03 -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:
> So what's our plan of attack?  I don't think the release of 2.0.0 has to
> coincide with our announcement of the name change and other stuff.  I think it
> would be best to
> 1. Get a makeshift website up at pidgin.im (possible the same one from
> sourceforge)
> 2. Announce the name changes, non-profit, new domain, new version control,
> trac, etc. as soon as the AOL stuff is signed and done
> 3. Let people try out the code in monotone
> 4. Release 2.0.0 after a week or two, once it's been tested by outsiders
> I don't think having a new logo or a new web page should block us from
> announcing the name change.  I don't really think they should block us from
> releasing 2.0.0, either, but it WOULD be nice to have the new logo in place.

I'm inclined to agree. I was thinking we might want to cut a Pidgin
2.0.0beta7 or something, to make it easier for folks to test. If that
goes well, we can release the final version in 2 weeks or something.

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