im.pidgin.pidgin: 103a78234b7f94e6d2ffb0ae2af6934499c0e618

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Fri Nov 16 14:41:09 EST 2007

Revision: 103a78234b7f94e6d2ffb0ae2af6934499c0e618
Ancestor: 222111bd2f2e1d170fa1c1d81e8d70ffc4cdeccf
Author: datallah at
Date: 2007-11-16T19:11:08
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


Turns out this isn't a bug, nor is it win32-specific, and that we're misusing gtk_imhtml_clipboard_clear().  The reason this started being a problem was the fix to make the clipboard data set instead the owner set.

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--- pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	3097812f34ecc54b39e72c5ce539bb6966f33be5
+++ pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	0767f7ed4c43f5407ca8a24905c5d6c01170f9c8
@@ -960,9 +960,6 @@ static void gtk_imhtml_clipboard_clear (
 static void gtk_imhtml_clipboard_clear (GtkClipboard *clipboard, GtkSelectionData *sel_data,
 				 guint info, gpointer user_data_or_owner)
-#ifndef _WIN32
-	clipboard_selection = NULL;
 static void copy_clipboard_cb(GtkIMHtml *imhtml, gpointer unused)

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