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Sun Nov 16 17:55:22 EST 2008

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Date: 2008-11-16T22:51:18
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I hear elb is really into Pok?mon

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--- doc/funniest_home_convos.txt	6ef5dd8775dc915c03072a79a2b6829148fab4e1
+++ doc/funniest_home_convos.txt	ae373bf97a173457fff0a2d039dbc59e6e526865
@@ -556,3 +556,12 @@
 (16:58:10) elb: I just spent literally a couple of HOURS trying to
            debug a problem where I was using g_list_delete_link with a
            list item which wasn't in the list
+22:35 <user> hi I know this might sound like a stupid question and I am NOT
+             trolling..
+22:36 <user> but when I go to some channels like anime ones people lol at me
+             for using pidgen
+22:36 <user> why do they think this is a bad client? does it have history?

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