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Sun Nov 16 18:00:32 EST 2008

Revision: b42b5daebfa64a4919ddf75ed6a9ce256d795d46
Ancestor: d4a6758e4166410f1a45b94a131638d2be8f4882
Author: sadrul at
Date: 2008-11-16T12:19:35
Branch: im.pidgin.imhtml.customlinks

Modified files:


rlaager> I'd prefer that the "Open Link in Browser" string be changed to
just "Open Link". This would be consistent with GNOME Terminal, for
example. Also, you don't know what the link will open "in". It could be

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--- pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	48137ddc71997c81ca27470b8da2a85201492f17
+++ pidgin/gtkimhtml.c	7aec72bccce6dc4cd25a7c3c9bab82178f8d992d
@@ -1838,7 +1838,7 @@ static gboolean tag_event(GtkTextTag *ta
 				img = gtk_image_new_from_stock(GTK_STOCK_JUMP_TO,
 				item = gtk_image_menu_item_new_with_mnemonic(
-					_("_Open Link in Browser"));
+					_("_Open Link"));
 				gtk_image_menu_item_set_image(GTK_IMAGE_MENU_ITEM(item), img);
 				g_signal_connect(G_OBJECT(item), "activate",
 								 G_CALLBACK(url_open), tempdata);

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