pidgin: cc0e7039: po/ChangeLog doesn't include dates

nosnilmot at nosnilmot at
Sat Oct 18 21:45:45 EDT 2008

Revision: cc0e70390af930380c305fa01b743722232e02f4
Ancestor: 15413347b7bb8ede3e50a8cab65b29ec8e93ab4f
Author: nosnilmot at
Date: 2008-10-19T01:29:32
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:


po/ChangeLog doesn't include dates

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---	09ab1df4ff3ab99abd7de945e0c516113df508c2
+++	bdecddf1c85f6601f53c36afbd8b242e725e8cc1
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ version-check:
 # For all releases, check the ChangeLogs.
 	head ChangeLog | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION) (`date +%m/%d/%Y`):$$" >/dev/null
 	head ChangeLog.win32 | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION) (`date +%m/%d/%Y`):$$" >/dev/null
-	head po/ChangeLog | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION) (`date +%m/%d/%Y`):$$" >/dev/null
+	head po/ChangeLog | grep "^version $(PACKAGE_VERSION)$$" >/dev/null
 # Ensure we're working from a tag...
 	test x`mtn automate select t:v$(PACKAGE_VERSION)` = x`mtn automate get_base_revision_id`

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