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Fri May 15 14:00:44 EDT 2009

Revision: 6d5e38be591ab6d57c5b735231a806add48b430b
Ancestor: 9860ef67636e0627802f0dd127bcddb48a15a9ec
Author: khc at
Date: 2009-05-15T17:58:40
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin.2.5.6

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Let's get this out today

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--- ChangeLog	5617bab14f4c7efb01c10167d513c3a5a0e223f2
+++ ChangeLog	f8366e6f950a65b80557dd75dc8b10e306c8a3ad
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM
 Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
-version 2.5.6 (??/??/2009):
+version 2.5.6 (05/15/2009):
 	* Improve sleep behavior by aggregation of longer timeouts on second
 	  boundaries to allow better power saving.  (Arunan Balasubramaniam)
@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ version 2.5.6 (??/??/2009):
 	* Make XML parsing more resilient to interactions with other libraries.
 	  This, along with the fix for libxml2 bug 564217, fixes the crashes
 	  on connect in XMPP with recent gst-plugins-bad (see #8830 for details).
+	* Many security related fixes
 	* Correctly handle WHOIS for users who are joined to a large number of
--- NEWS	b77944af841421f6d48de04d4a139c10602008d7
+++ NEWS	aa61794d6b538e6c58fb18ac97ead569a21050cd
@@ -2,6 +2,16 @@ Our development blog is available at: ht
 Our development blog is available at:
+2.5.6 (05/15/2009):
+	Ka-Hing: Many much bugfixes. Hooray. (Paul told me to say that)
+	Oh, no one has met Paul yet? He's awesome, he backported my fixes
+	to the release branch so I didn't have to checkout a
+	workspace... except I just did to NEWS to tell you all about
+	that. Oh and I actually did do something for this release, none of
+	which is user visible though. This basically applies to the rest
+	of the release as well, nothing exciting, but you definitely want
+	it.
 2.5.5 (03/01/2009):
 	John: Well, yet another release with bug fixing and patches.  Hopefully
 	one of the fixed bugs is one that irritated you.  Also, thank Dimmuxx

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