pidgin: 765fe491: Check the GnuTLS version before using a ...

darkrain42 at darkrain42 at
Fri Oct 9 23:36:11 EDT 2009

Revision: 765fe4913b177ce6912325cd1593df00d18aef42
Ancestor: fe8dca15a57dcb53d4af6f8a885925db29ec7bc7
Author: darkrain42 at
Date: 2009-10-10T03:27:31
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

Modified files:
        ChangeLog libpurple/plugins/ssl/ssl-gnutls.c


Check the GnuTLS version before using a recent-ish flag.  Fixes #10412.

This was reported by Kev (of the XMPP world), who is using either Debian

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--- ChangeLog	07fe73dde2b7ac54fda38dc60347be4994e15968
+++ ChangeLog	3a24dd0838f8db05f7a05724fd7052b6a779ccb4
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ version 2.6.3 (??/??/20??):
 	  to announce the list of loaded plugins (in both Finch and Pidgin).
 	* Fix a crash when performing DNS queries on Unixes that use the
 	  blocking DNS lookups.  (Brian Lu)
+	* Fix building the GnuTLS plugin with older versions of GnuTLS.
 	* The TinyURL plugin now creates shorter URLs for long non-conversation
--- libpurple/plugins/ssl/ssl-gnutls.c	03b805a4df31b78b6c854829c6429af50302fc2a
+++ libpurple/plugins/ssl/ssl-gnutls.c	db15cfeb1a66cb48fc9596a0d8314133a6c150e6
@@ -730,6 +730,7 @@ x509_certificate_signed_by(PurpleCertifi
 		return FALSE;
 		 * A certificate in the chain is signed with an insecure
@@ -743,6 +744,7 @@ x509_certificate_signed_by(PurpleCertifi
 				"Insecure hash algorithm used by %s to sign %s\n",
 				issuer_id, crt_id);
 	if (verify & GNUTLS_CERT_INVALID) {
 		/* Signature didn't check out, but at least

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