pidgin: c29a22bd: yahoo: Add a FIXME. Refs #10346, #10746...

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Sun Apr 11 01:20:46 EDT 2010

Revision: c29a22bdca4eda3a26dc5cb7840c9160cb7b13a9
Ancestor: 9a8e4e14a774525f2ab746cbd1cc20f2fb0d396c
Author: darkrain42 at
Date: 2010-04-11T05:15:29
Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin

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yahoo: Add a FIXME.  Refs #10346, #10746.

I think the cause of those crashes is that two calls to
purple_network_listen() can be outstanding (yahoo_send_p2p_pkt only checks
if something is /currently listening/, not if a listen attempt is in
progress).  It might also be that listen attempts aren't cancelled when
an account signs off (unlike purple_proxy_connects).  I could also be
entirely off-base.

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--- libpurple/protocols/yahoo/libymsg.c	ec7d703b27c74b532a454ae52683c3fc2c81bb9b
+++ libpurple/protocols/yahoo/libymsg.c	53134e145a6dee215c5559bd5a0478c93ddcb901
@@ -2763,6 +2763,7 @@ void yahoo_send_p2p_pkt(PurpleConnection
 	p2p_data->connection_type = YAHOO_P2P_WE_ARE_SERVER;
 	p2p_data->source = -1;
+	/* FIXME: Shouldn't this deal with the PurpleNetworkListenData* */
 	purple_network_listen(YAHOO_PAGER_PORT_P2P, SOCK_STREAM, yahoo_p2p_server_listen_cb, p2p_data);

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