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Date:     10/20/10 11:48:27
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--- NEWS	8f5c99d1b0a38a4b2f03e83f0b3e8ca3a1789af3
+++ NEWS	f898f2e5b9b74534e6d691267106ecdd6a0f4179
@@ -2,6 +2,12 @@ Our development blog is available at: ht
 Our development blog is available at:
+2.7.4 (10/20/2010):
+	John: This release came at this particular time due to some security
+	issues Daniel discovered for us when investigating a bug.  There are
+	a ton of other changes, including some partial Yahoo file transfer
+	fixes and a bunch of other little things.  Enjoy!
 2.7.3 (08/10/2010):
 	Mark: Lots of little incremental[1] bug fixes and enhancements in this

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