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--- ChangeLog	bf2b5122dac511cdd2af177e27a6f90abbdb8942
+++ ChangeLog	fdb9ce08f2e43e7feda94510fdc5908a9e637155
@@ -1,5 +1,322 @@ Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM
 Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
+version 2.7.4 (MM/DD/YYYY):
+	General:
+	* Fix search path for Tk when compiling on Debian Squeeze. (#12465)
+	* purple-remote now expects and produces UTF-8. (Guillaume Brunerie)
+	  (#12049)
+	libpurple:
+	* Fall back to an ordinary request if a UI does not support showing a
+	  request with an icon.  Fixes receiving MSN file transfer requests
+	  including a thumbnail in Finch.
+	Pidgin:
+	* Add support for the Gadu-Gadu protocol in the gevolution plugin to
+	  provide Evolution integration with contacts with GG IDs. (#10709)
+	* Remap the "Set User Mood" shortcut to Control-D, which does not
+	  conflict with the previous shortcut for Get Buddy Info on the
+	  selected buddy.
+	* Add a plugin action menu (under Tools) for the Voice and Video
+	  Settings plugin.
+	* Use GRegex for the debug window where available. This brings regex
+	  filtering to the debug window on Windows. (Eion Robb) (#12601)
+	* Add Google Chrome to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows
+	  systems.
+	* Add Chromium to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows systems.
+	* The "Manual" browser option is now stored as a string.  It is no
+	  longer necessary to specify a full path to the browser command.
+	  (rtobar) (#12024)
+	* The Send To menu can now be used if the active account in the
+	  conversation becomes disabled or inactive. (Keith Moyer) (#12471)
+	Finch:
+	* Add support for drop-down account options (like the SILC cipher
+	  and HMAC options or the QQ protocol version).
+	* Unify the connection security-related settings into one dropdown.
+	* Fix a crash when multiple accounts are simultaneously performing
+	  SASL authentication when built with Cyrus SASL support.  (thanks
+	  to Jan Kaluza) (#11560)
+	* Restore the ability to connect to XMPP servers that do not offer
+	  Stream ID. (#12331)
+	* Added support for using Google's relay servers when making voice and
+	  video calls to Google clients.
+	* Fix detecting file transfer proxies advertised by the server.
+	* Advertise support for Google Talk's JID Domain Discovery extension
+	  in all cases again (changed in 2.7.0), not just when the domain
+	  is "" or "" (it's also needed for Google
+	  Talk used for accounts on arbitrary domains not using Google Apps
+	  for Your Domain). (#a14153)
+	Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
+	* Stop doing unnecessary lookups of certain alias information.  This
+	  solves deadlocks when a given Yahoo account has a ridiculously large
+	  (>500 buddies) list and may improve login speed for those on slow
+	  connections. (#12532)
+version 2.7.3 (08/10/2010):
+	General:
+	* Use silent build rules for automake >1.11. You can enable verbose
+	  builds with the --disable-silent-rules configure option, or using
+	  make V=1.
+	libpurple:
+	* Fix the TURN server settings (broken in 2.7.0).
+	Pidgin:
+	* Re-focus the input area after clicking the attention toolbar button.
+	* Re-arrange media window to make it more netbook-friendly.
+	Finch:
+	* Rebindable 'suggest-next-page' and 'suggest-prev-page' actions for
+	  textboxes (GntEntry) to scroll through list of suggestions.
+	* Rebindable 'dropdown' action for comboboxes (GntComboBox) to show the
+	  dropdown list of options.
+	IRC:
+	* Fix non-ASCII arguments to /mode et al.  (thanks to Max Ulidtko)
+	MSN:
+	* Support for web-based buddy icons, used when a buddy logs in to the
+	  messenger on the Live website.
+	* Fix file transfers with some clients that don't support direct
+	  connections (e.g., papyon, telepathy-butterfly, etc.) (#12150)
+	MXit:
+	* Fix filename for the Shocked emoticon. (#12364)
+	* Implement the new naming conventions where possible. (MXitId, etc)
+	* Display a message in the Groupchat window when you invite somebody.
+	* Birthday field in profile cannot be edited when server says it is
+	  locked.
+	* If a buddy is offline, show in their profile when last they were online.
+	* Handle pushed profile update packets (ie, when changing your avatar via
+	  the Gallery bot).
+	* If a buddy is offline and we see from their profile that they have
+	  updated their avatar, request the new avatar image from the server.
+	* Fix a possible crash if a link is clicked while disconnected.
+	* Unescape any escaped characters in a chatroom nickname.
+	* Add the new MXit moods and emoticons.
+	* MXit emoticons added to the small emoticon theme.
+	* Allow connecting to servers that only advertise GSSAPI and expect
+	  a fallback to legacy IQ authentication (broken in 2.7.0).
+	* Fix a crash when receiving custom emoticons that don't adhere to
+	  the specification.
+	* When initiating a file transfer, don't show resources that are certain
+	  to not support file transfers in the resource selection dialog.
+	* Fix connecting to servers using BOSH and authenticating with
+	  DIGEST-MD5 when libpurple was built with Cyrus SASL support.
+	Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
+	* Renamed "Use account proxy for SSL connections" to "Use account proxy
+	  for HTTP and HTTPS requests" and tied the option to HTTP requests too.
+	* Properly detect HTTP proxy server use when the HTTP proxy is the
+	  global proxy server, an account-level non-HTTP proxy server is
+	  configured, and the "Use account proxy for HTTP and HTTPS requests"
+	  account option is turned off.  This fixes connecting for some HTTP
+	  proxy servers.
+	* Fall back to connecting to (not configurable) if
+	  the HTTP-based connect server lookup fails.  This does not work for
+	  Yahoo JAPAN accounts.
+	* Fix file transfers that get stuck with "Waiting for transfer to
+	  begin".
+version 2.7.2 (07/21/2010):
+	AIM and ICQ:
+	* Fix a crash bug related to X-Status messages that can be triggered by
+	  remote users.  This is CVE-2010-2528.
+	* Fix a rare crash bug caused by certain incoming SMS messages
+	  (discovered by Jan Kaluza--thanks Jan!).
+	* Change HTML sent from ICQ accounts so that official ICQ clients
+	  hopefully display it correctly.
+	MSN:
+	* Fix a crash related to fast buddy icon transfers.
+version 2.7.1 (05/29/2010):
+	General:
+	* Build fixes on OpenSolaris.  (Brian Lu)
+	* Add configure option --enable-trayicon-compat which installs tray
+	  icons into directories that are compatible with older versions of
+	  hicolor-icon-theme (0.9).
+	Pidgin:
+	* Restore the tray icon's blinking functionality.
+	* Fix a crash setting moods when an account is disconnected.
+	Bonjour:
+	* Fix a crash on disconnect.
+	ICQ:
+	* Fix bug that caused HTML to be displayed in incoming messages.
+	MSN:
+	* Fix unnecessary bandwidth consumption for buddy icon requests when
+	  buddies have capital letters in their passport addresses.
+	* Support for direct connections, enabling faster file transfers,
+	  smiley and buddy icon loading.  (G?bor Szuromi)
+	* Allow connecting to servers that advertise EXTERNAL (broken in
+	  2.7.0)
+	MXit:
+	* Replace the MXit-specific mood management with the new standard Moods
+	  API.
+	* Add the standard MXit emoticons.
+	* Improve the handling of users being kicked from MultiMX rooms.
+	* MXit doesn't allow you to see your buddy's Email Address or Title,
+	  so remove those two fields from the "Buddy Information" page.
+	* Show buddy's Registration Country in their profile.
+	* Increment protocol version to v6.0
+	* If an invite you sent was rejected with a reason, display that
+	  message in the buddy tooltip.
+	* CAPTCHA value is a required field during account activation.
+	  (Resolves issue on Maemo)
+	* When your avatar image is changed, don't forget the user's profile
+	  information.
+	Windows-Specific Changes:
+	* Fix a regression introduced in 2.7.0 that caused Window Flashing not
+	  to work.
+version 2.7.0 (05/12/2010):
+	General:
+	* Changed GTK+ minimum version requirement to 2.10.0.
+	* Changed GLib minimum version requirement to 2.12.0.
+	* Using the --disable-nls argument to configure now works properly.
+	  You will no longer be forced to have intltool to configure and build.
+	* Fix two related crashes in the GnuTLS and NSS plugins when they
+	  suffer internal errors immediately upon attempting to establish
+	  an SSL connection.
+	* Fix NSS to work when reinitialized after being used.  (Thanks to
+	  Ludovico Cavedon for the testcase)
+	* Added support for PURPLE_GNUTLS_PRIORITIES environment variable.
+	  This can be used to specify GnuTLS priorities on a per-host basis.
+	  The format is "host=priority;host2=priority;...".  The default
+	  priority can be overridden by using "*" as the host.  See the
+	  GnuTLS manual for documentation on the format of the priority
+	  strings.
+	* Fix autoconf detection of Python.  (Brad Smith)
+	* Fix a crash when a Windows proxy (from IE) does not have a port.
+	  (Marten Klencke)
+	Pidgin:
+	* Moved the "Debugging Information" section of the About box to a
+	  "Build Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
+	* Moved the Developer and Crazy Patch Writer information from the About
+	  box to a "Developer Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
+	* Moved the Translator information from the About box to a "Translator
+	  Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
+	* Use GtkStatusIcon for the docklet, providing better integration in
+	  notification area.
+	* Added UI for sending attentions (buzz, nudge) on supporting protocols.
+	* Make the search dialog unobtrusive in the conversation window (by
+	  making it look and behave like the search dialog in Firefox)
+	* The Recent Log Activity sort method for the Buddy List now
+	  distinguishes between no activity and a small amount of activity
+	  in the distant past.  (Greg McNew)
+	* Added a menu set mood globally for all mood-supporting accounts
+	  (currently XMPP and ICQ).
+	* Default binding of Ctrl+Shift+v to 'Paste as Plain Text' in
+	  conversation windows. This can be changed in .gtkrc-2.0. For example,
+	  Ctrl+v can be bound to 'Paste as Plain Text' by default.
+	* Plugins can now handle markup in buddy names by attaching to the
+	  "drawing-buddy" signal. (Daniele Ricci, Andrea Piccinelli)
+	* Be more accommodating when scaling down large images for use as
+	  buddy icons.
+	* The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows changing the timestamp
+	  format from the timestamps' context menu in conversation log.
+	* The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows forcing 12-hour
+	  timestamps.  (Jonathan Maltz)
+	* Fix pastes from Chrome (rich-text pastes and probably URLs
+	  having garbage appended to them).
+	* Show file transfer thumbnails for images on supporting protocols
+	  (currently only supported on MSN).
+	Bonjour:
+	* Added support for IPv6. (Thanks to T_X for testing)
+	Gadu-Gadu:
+	* Updated our bundled libgadu to 1.9.0-rc2 (many thanks to Krzysztof
+	  Klinikowski for the work and testing put in here!)
+	* Minimum requirement for external libgadu is now also 1.9.0-rc2.
+	AIM and ICQ:
+	* X-Status (Custom ICQ status icon) support.  Since most of the icons
+	  available reflect moods, this is labeled "Set Mood" on the
+	  Accounts->ICQ Account menu. (Andrew Ivanov, Tom?? Kebert,
+	  Yuriy Yevgrafov, and trac users bob007, salieff, and nops)
+	* Allow setting and displaying icons between 1x1 and 100x100 pixels for
+	  ICQ.  Previously only icons between 48x48 and 52x64 were allowed.
+	* When using the clientLogin authentication method, prompt for a
+	  password on reconnect when "Remember Password" is not checked and
+	  authentication fails due to an incorrect password.  (This is the same
+	  behavior as the legacy authentication method)
+	* Support sending and receiving HTML-formatted messages for ICQ.
+	* Use the proper URL for "View web profile" link for ICQ buddies.
+	  (Alexander Nartov)
+	MSN:
+	* Support for version 9 of the MSN protocol has been removed.  This
+	  version is no longer supported on the servers.
+	* Support file transfer thumbnails (previews) for images.
+	* Fix CVE-2010-1624 (custom emoticon remote crash).
+	* Direct messages to a specific resource only upon receipt of a message
+	  with content (as opposed to a typing notification, etc).  (Thanks to
+	  rjoly for testing)
+	* Present a better error message when authentication fails while trying
+	  to connect to Facebook.  (David Reiss, Facebook)
+	* When sending data using in-band-bytestreams, interpret the block-size
+	  attribute as the size of the BASE64-encoded representation of the
+	  data.
+	* Validate the hash on incoming BoB data objects (for custom smileys
+	  etc.), cache based per JID when the CID is not a valid hash (as
+	  specified by the BoB XEP).
+	* Send whitespace keepalives if we haven't sent data in a while (2
+	  minutes).  This fixes an issue with Openfire disconnecting a
+	  libpurple-baesd client that has just been quiet for about 6
+	  minutes.
+	* Only support Google Talk's JID Domain Discovery extension
+	  (allowing a user to log in with "" or ""
+	  interchangeably) for those two domains.  This change was made
+	  due to interoperability issues with some BOSH Connection Managers
+	  and namespaced attributes.
+	Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
+	* Attempt to better handle transparent proxies interfering with
+	  HTTP-based login.
+	* Fix handling of P2P packets, thus fixing the loss of some messages.
+	* Retrieve the pager server address from Yahoo!'s servers directly.
+	* Removed the "Pager server" account option, as it is no longer needed.
+	* The authentication code is now less order-sensitive with the
+	  components of the server's response.
+	* The authentication process now acts more like the official client.
+	Finch:
+	* New action 'history-search', with default binding ctrl+r, to search
+	  the entered string in the input history.
+	Windows-Specific Changes
+	* Updated GTK+ to 2.16.6
+	* Private GTK+ Runtime now used (GTK+ Installer no longer supported)
+	* Minimum required GTK+ version increased to 2.14.7
+	* Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME
+	  (Millennium Edition), and Windows NT 4.0 longer supported due to GTK+
+	  requirements changes.
+	* Crash Report files (pidgin.RPT) are now generated in the ~/.purple
+	  directory instead of the installation directory.
+	* NSS SSL Library upgraded to 3.12.5 (thanks to Berke Viktor)
+	* GtkSpell upgraded to 2.0.16, changing the spellchecking backend to
+	  enchant.  This means that myspell and hunspell (OpenOffice)
+	  dictionaries can be used (previous versions' aspell dictionaries
+	  will not work).
 version 2.6.6 (02/18/2010):
 	* Fix 'make check' on OS X. (David Fang)
--- libpurple/protocols/jabber/auth_cyrus.c	bf18f3031be45708a2382b17c500d60c682d1178
+++ libpurple/protocols/jabber/auth_cyrus.c	e961e5741b7786a2e9658c05046091aa7903385a
@@ -320,11 +320,8 @@ jabber_auth_start_cyrus(JabberStream *js
 		xmlnode_set_namespace(auth, NS_XMPP_SASL);
 		xmlnode_set_attrib(auth, "mechanism", js->current_mech);
-		if (g_str_equal(js->user->domain, "") ||
-				g_str_equal(js->user->domain, "")) {
-			xmlnode_set_attrib(auth, "xmlns:ga", "");
-			xmlnode_set_attrib(auth, "ga:client-uses-full-bind-result", "true");
-		}
+		xmlnode_set_attrib(auth, "xmlns:ga", "");
+		xmlnode_set_attrib(auth, "ga:client-uses-full-bind-result", "true");
 		if (clientout) {
 			if (coutlen == 0) {

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