/pidgin/main: 0ddd5118b8eb: Fix for AIM when using gateway proxies

Youness Alaoui kakaroto at kakaroto.homelinux.net
Tue Oct 13 23:37:03 EDT 2015

Changeset: 0ddd5118b8eb9e0ee27434608a73dcf67ce5d4f6
Author:	 Youness Alaoui <kakaroto at kakaroto.homelinux.net>
Date:	 2015-10-13 20:36 -0700
Branch:	 default
URL: https://hg.pidgin.im/pidgin/main/rev/0ddd5118b8eb


Fix for AIM when using gateway proxies

The issue here is that smoe gateway proxies (such as smarsh.com) will
terminate a connection to some services (such as the BART service in
the case with the Smarsh proxy) at which point the flap_connection gets
scheduled for termination and will then check if there are any LOCATE
services connections available, if there are none, it will sign out.
The problem is that the flap_connection_getbytype call will only return
connections that are 'connected' (passed auth) but since the MD5 authentication
method, it never sets any connection to connected, so it thinks there are
no LOCATE connections and signs out.
This should fix other bugs that might be affected by the API call
flap_connection_getbytype returning NULL when it shouldn't.
This should fix issue #14917 : https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/14917

Reviewed by Jorge Villasenor <salinasv at pidgin.im>
Fixes #14917


 libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c |  1 +
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diffs (11 lines):

diff --git a/libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c b/libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c
--- a/libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c
+++ b/libpurple/protocols/oscar/oscar.c
@@ -546,6 +546,7 @@ flap_connection_established_bart(OscarDa
 static int
 flap_connection_established(OscarData *od, FlapConnection *conn, FlapFrame *fr, ...)
+	conn->connected = TRUE;
 	purple_debug_info("oscar", "FLAP connection of type 0x%04hx is "
 			"now fully connected\n", conn->type);
 	if (conn->type == SNAC_FAMILY_LOCATE)

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