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Mon Apr 9 00:24:55 EDT 2007

rlaager at wrote:
> To get the patch for this revision, please do this:
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This was the commit to use .gaim if it exists, else .purple.  I think 
this is a mistake.

I think the correct behavior should be to use .purple if it exists, else 
if .gaim exists, import the prefs, accounts, statuses, etc (everything 
but the logs), and teach the logger to look in both .gaim and .purple 
for logs to read.  Otherwise we can easily screw up the .gaim/*.xml 
files, and prevent older versions from working, which we've been 
reasonably good about not doing up until this point.

On a somewhat-related note, do we need to be concerned now about 
concurrent access to stuff in .purple, since it's more likely someone 
might be running finch and pidgin or finch and adium, rather than 2 
copies of gaim?


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