Using Pidgin in a Plugin Name

deckrider deckrider at
Tue Apr 10 11:57:12 EDT 2007

On 4/10/07, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:
> Sean Egan spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > On 4/10/07, deckrider <deckrider at> wrote:
> > > In the past, several plugins have used "gaim" in the name of the
> > > plugin.  Will plugins be allowed to use pidgin in their name?
> >
> > You're *allowed* to do whatever you like. You aren't legally protected
> > from distributing plugins, and it may be odd to have your plugin refer
> > to a defunct client, but the decision is yours to make. Only Instant
> > Messaging Freedom, Inc. is in anyway required to change the name of
> > our client.
> I think the question was coming at this from the other side ... if we
> trademark the name 'Pidgin' for an IM client, can plugins for Pidgin
> use the word 'Pidgin' in their name.

Yes, that was my question.

> We will obviously be talking to legal counsel about all this, but I
> assume we can simply allow the use of 'Pidgin' in plugin names as part
> of the blanket license.

Thanks, I would be interested to know the outcome.

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