Direct IM requests and the Request API

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Apr 17 02:13:41 EDT 2007

On Sat, 14 Apr 2007 11:59:48 -0400, Evan Schoenberg wrote
> Currently, a Direct IM request goes through the Request API to the  
> Action callback.  A new window is shown which allows the user to  
> accept or refuse the request; it warns that accepting the request  
> will reveal the user's IP address to the other side and that this  
> might be a security risk.
> 1) Such requests should be shown inline in the chat window if at all 
>  possible.  To that end, using something non-generic which instead 
>  passed in the PurpleConversation (or PurpleBuddy and PurpleAccount) 
>  associated with the request would allow the UI to do that.  I don't 
>  know if Pidgin or Finch can show a message with clickable buttons 
> in  the message window... if they can't, they could still pop up a 
> new  window.

That makes sense to me.  I guess you could create a new conversation ui op for
that?  And maybe if the UI isn't defined then just use the request API like we
do now?

> 2) I'd like to automatically accept Direct IM requests 
> from buddies  on the contact list.  Precedent for this behavior can 
> be seen in  iChat, so I don't feel like it's violating protocol 
> conventions even  though the official AIM client does still prompt.  
> Again, having the  PurpleBuddy / PurpleAccount combo is needed to do 
> this in the UI...  though we could code the autoaccept into the 
> oscar prpl if there was  general agreement that this is a Good Idea.

I don't really like the idea of auto-accepting anything...  It just doesn't
seem to offer any amazing advantage, and privacy freaks might not be very
happy with that.

If you're definitely going to make some changes related to this... would it be
possible to wait until after 2.0.0 is released?


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