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On Apr 26, 2007, at 8:28 AM, Luke Schierer wrote:

>> FYI, an infusion of numbers into the above paragraph. I imagine
>> Adium's numbers and Pidgin's proportions are fairly similar:
>> year=2007&week=17&graph=line&normalized=1#IMServices
>> -Evan
> Oh, I like these graphs! How are they being generated?

The data: Adium's update notification / downloading framework is  
SparklePlus; the "Plus" part of this fork of the Sparkle project is  
that it has anonymous, user-optional submission of usage data.  If  
the user agrees to it being sent, the "are updates available?" check  
goes through a php script which receives provided information and  
then redirects to the actual version checking information, an RSS  

The graphs: The graphs are generated by php scripts written by the  
Adium webmaster, Zac West.  He released all the code involved under  
the new BSD license; it can be browsed via Trac at http:// and checked out via subversion at  

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