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Hylke Bons h.bons at
Sat Apr 28 13:52:11 EDT 2007

Christian Hammond wrote:
> He did a great job. I love the logo from an art standpoint. But I also
> agree
> with others on the list that it just doesn't feel right as an IM
> logo.. The
> gaim dude was nice and simple and was easily stamped into your memory.
> The
> bird is very detailed, filled with gradients and stripes and other little
> things that make it a bit harder to visualize correctly if I'm not
> looking
> at it. It also doesn't give off an expression that screams "I'm fun to
> use,"
> at least to me. I keep looking into its soul-piercing eyes and getting a
> sense it's about to go for my throat.
I think the big logo is only used on the website and such. The icons are
simplified versions of the logo with a speech bubble.
I don't see how the new icon/logo doesn't feel right for an IM logo
(pidgin plus bubble, and more clues) but a yellow figure does.
I have the icon in my menus now, and i feel like the "i'm fun to
use"-factor is very high. :)

> On 4/26/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:
>> On 4/26/07, Colin Barrett <timber at> wrote:
>> > I'm not really that big of a fan of the bird logo. He doesn't look
>> > particularly pleased about life in general In fact, he looks rather
>> > out of it. I think it's important that if you have a character with a
>> > face, you should give him some sort of expression, in this case I'd go
>> > for happy.
>> That was Mark Doliner's influence. He thought that a Pidgin should
>> look dumb and emotionless; the designer struck a balance between "dumb
>> and emotionless," and "happy," which others of us wanted.
>> -s.
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