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Evil Dennis Ristuccia dennisr-gaimdevel at
Sat Apr 28 17:53:04 EDT 2007

Christian Hammond wrote:
> He did a great job. I love the logo from an art standpoint. But I also 
> agree with others on the list that it just doesn't feel right as an IM 
> logo.. The gaim dude was nice and simple and was easily stamped into 
> your memory. The bird is very detailed, filled with gradients and 
> stripes and other little things that make it a bit harder to visualize 
> correctly if I'm not looking at it. It also doesn't give off an 
> expression that screams "I'm fun to use," at least to me. I keep 
> looking into its soul-piercing eyes and getting a sense it's about to 
> go for my throat.
I'll agree that the larger logo is a little bit too busy, but scaled 
down its not so bad.

Looking at those icons I agree with Chip about the eyes and the 
expression.. It really looks like its strung out on some crystal meth 
and been up for days, and doesn't really seem too happy about its life. 
All you need to do is draw in a few bloodshot red lines. The eyes 
themselves look kinda goofy, like Crazy eyes O_o

Perhaps a revision on the eyes and expression is in order? Maybe some 
"Happy eyebrows" might help.. =)
> I do like the text, but am I the only one seeing the quotes as that 
> swirling "666" logo in my head? :) (From whatever movie that was). I 
> like that they look like quotes though.
Sean was right about the bible, but I think the movie you're referring 
to is The Omen..


Dennis Ristuccia

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