Send message to everyone in group feature?

Julian Robbins julian.robbins at
Mon Apr 30 07:08:33 EDT 2007


Gaim/Pidgin (hope I have the right spelling) is great, I have used it 
for ages.

We are strongly considering to use it on our Windows PC's here with our 
internal jabber server, (we use Gaim on our Linux pc's here already) 
instead of our current JAJC which seems to have stopped development.

But JAJC has a very useful feature where you can send a jabber message 
to everyone in the group, i.e. everyone of our 30 staff. The feature in 
JAJC is not very intuitive, but is a really 'killer feature' for us, 
i.e. the ability to quickly tell everyone about something. Not to be 
overdone mind you ;-).

I'm sure many other companies would have similar feature requests for 
sending to a group of users. Currently, this is mainly done by email, 
but is too slow, and obtrusive these days

I have looked in the plugins, alas not the mailing list archives as I 
couldnt find the gaim ones, but is there any way at all, of doing this ?



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