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Mon Apr 30 09:42:40 EDT 2007

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Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> Gaim/Pidgin (hope I have the right spelling) is great, I have used it 
> for ages.
> We are strongly considering to use it on our Windows PC's here with our 
> internal jabber server, (we use Gaim on our Linux pc's here already) 
> instead of our current JAJC which seems to have stopped development.
> But JAJC has a very useful feature where you can send a jabber message 
> to everyone in the group, i.e. everyone of our 30 staff. The feature in 
> JAJC is not very intuitive, but is a really 'killer feature' for us, 
> i.e. the ability to quickly tell everyone about something. Not to be 
> overdone mind you ;-).
> I'm sure many other companies would have similar feature requests for 
> sending to a group of users. Currently, this is mainly done by email, 
> but is too slow, and obtrusive these days
> I have looked in the plugins, alas not the mailing list archives as I 
> couldnt find the gaim ones, but is there any way at all, of doing this ?
> Cheers
> Julian

We have two plugins in the Purple Plugin Pack
( that address this.  One is
called Group Message, and it allows messaging everyone in a single group.  The
other is called Broadcaster, and it allows messaging everyone on your buddy
list.  Both plugins are contact-aware.  Neither plugin builds by default, nor is
either plugin included in any of our binary distributions, however.

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