- 2.1.0 GUI

Andrew Roeder correnthean at
Wed Aug 1 19:40:36 EDT 2007

Even though I misnamed my description, explains 
what I think are faults with the new GUI.

In response to Sean, yes indeed I need at least a 64x64 icon threatening me 
at all times, on higher resolutions (1280x1024) I am not exaggerating when I 
say the icon at 32x32 loses practically all content, this is especially for 
users of MSN where they expect me to see a 96x96 icon, once the buddy icon 
display's the buddy tooltip this will at least be partially livable.

I find it ironic to say that I have "Stretched my window further than it 
needs to go", It is my user preference that I rather have a more horizontal 
than vertical chat(Given the fact my understanding is, you also enjoy having 
"too many" chat tabs open at once, I'd think you'd prefer the horizontal 
also to avoid having to scroll through the tabs.)

As I said though, for a user like myself which there are many of, I prefer 
not wading through new menus to accomplish something that was "easier" for 
me before, this is at my expense to appease other users, alienating an 
entire different set of users.

I do not necessarily want tooltips on menus, but they are less intrusive 
then a constant description on the toolbar for each, personally I would be 
content with no descriptions, if the icon is of obvious design(which I 
believe they are.) You are able to determine their use without needing the 
description.  Removal of these descriptions would negate the need for -SOME- 
the dropdown menus while maintaining a small toolbar for users who want 
this.  The most common uses should be icons on the toolbar,  I feel the 
buttons are unnecessarily large for their purposes, and this is why I think 
it would be an acceptable change.

As for the redundant buddy icon, I am still an advocate that the protocol 
the user you are speaking to should be openly displayed ontop of the online 
icon and not hidden, this area provides for this.

If we are to argue the usage of tooltips I would bring up that I have been 
forced to mouseover and receive a tooltip to determine a buddy's protocol 
since Pidgin 2.0.0, whereas before this was listed openly on the buddy list 
online icons, and could have been easily rendered more acceptible if there 
was an icon to represent a "multiple protocol" buddy.


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