Reducing tab size

Hylke Bons h.bons at
Thu Aug 2 19:39:21 EDT 2007

> I still believe that the conversation tabs' primary goal in life
> should be organizing conversations. A huge part of this is having as
> many tabs visible at a time.
I think this is the best option for now. I've used a mtn version for a
week or so when the status icons were gone from the tabs. It didn't feel
that bad after a few days. Maybe there can be more done with text coloring.

> I argue that the tab's icon is redundant to the infopane.

> - Remove the close button. With middle-click-to-close, you don't gain
> actually gain anything from the close button, although I wouldn't
> expect anyone to actually find middle-click-to-close on their own. We
> may also want to show a close button only on the active tab, which is
> what Firefox does when it has too many tabs to display. This is
> already optional, which is probably enough. Perhaps make the default
> no-close-buttons.
Sounds confusing, especially for new people. I got this mail today from
someone who thought that the offline status icon in the tab was the
close button, and i promised to discuss that here.


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