Typing Notification: Placement

Georgi Kirilov gkirilov at mbox.contact.bg
Fri Aug 3 06:39:44 EDT 2007

I just want to share an opinion on the typing notification.
Currently I am using Bottom placement of conversation tabs,
just because this way they are close to the text entry area, and I do
not need to look anywhere to see if the buddy is typing.
The notification icon is just too high to take one's sight.
The other tab placements are also good, but one just have to look
specially at the tab or the typing icon, and they are too far from
the area, that one usually is focused - the text entry at the bottom.

Is there some solution of this problem, acceptable for all, maybe
putting some ICQ-like "xxx is typing" message in the formatting
toolbar, or moving the typing icon into it?

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