New UI

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Fri Aug 3 14:10:12 EDT 2007

On Fri, Aug 03, 2007 at 01:19:45PM -0400, Josh Williams wrote:

> It is unacceptable to assume that everyone just *should* use a smaller
> window size. The default in 2.10 is far too small IMO (I don't even
> think it could handle 72 chars).

Defaults for things like Window sizes are never going to make most people
happy. There are incredibly too many issues involved to pick a size that
makes any reasonable sort of sense. Font sizes, font faces, screen
resolutions, widget sizes (yes those can change too), etc. Resizing your
window is something that you should only need to do *once* (after which
that should be the new default), if you currently need to do it more than
that then that is a bug that we need to fix, if you are complaining that
even one resize is too much I think you are asking too much of your



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