Use case for per-protocol icons

Darrell Michaud DMichaud at
Fri Aug 3 15:15:58 EDT 2007

While trying to find ways to enable the old-style per-protocol icons I
stumbled upon this thread: It suggests emailing additional
use cases to this email address.


My use case is that some of the IM services I use are secure. They are
encrypted-end-to-end or at the very least client-to-server where I or my
staff directly controls that server.


Other IM services are useful for me to use occasionally, but do not
operate at the same security level. The per-protocol icons were very
helpful in quickly providing an efficient visual cue which level of
security applied to the conversation window.


Also, some of the per-protocol icons were cute and it was aesthetically
pleasing to see a mixture of them, compared to the new setup.


Thank you for pidgin.



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