Use case for per-protocol icons

Josh Williams yurimxpxman at
Fri Aug 3 22:30:24 EDT 2007

On 8/3/07, Etan Reisner <pidgin at> wrote:
> Congratulations, this is often-repeated issue number 3.
> The functionality comment is issue number 1 or 2 (depending on how you
> order them)

If they're so often-repeated, then why is that green icon still the
default? Yes, it does look nice, but it's not _helpful_. That's the
way this whole project seems to be going, and it's a shame, because I
used to love Gaim so much.

>                  and the smiley things depend entirely on the smiley theme you
> are using and what client and theme your friends are using. You have never
> been able to count on what your friends will or will not see for any given
> smiley. It just happened to work as long as all the official clients were
> closed and the only clients around.

I disagree. The vast majority of people are stilling using the
official clients, and the non-official ones tend to use the same
shortcuts for the smilies in order for everyone to see the icons.

As for the smiley themes, I do not see an issue here. *Very* few
people use them, and most themes are compliant to the standard

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