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Jorge Villaseñor salinasv at
Sun Aug 5 19:34:21 EDT 2007

On 8/3/07, Michael <cwal at> wrote:
> Hylke Bons wrote:
> > Suggestion:
> >
> > - Bold for return and new messages.
> > - Italic when the other is most likely not to apply (away/busy etc)
> > - 50% opacity for offline (maybe even + italic) like offline buddies in
> > the blist.
> It seems that all of this is quite a bit more complicated, and harder
> for a new user to understand.  The status icon makes sense because it's
> simple and is already used in the buddy list, so the user will
> understand it means the same thing everywhere.

I agree, It's not intuitive that italic/bold/underlined/etc means some
kind of status, not talking about witch status each referees.
> I'm curious what the people with astronomical numbers of tabs open have
> against just using vertical tabs.
Agreed to, if you have a lot of tabs open, and you want to see all of
them, use vertical tabs so you can see a lot more.

I don't understand why people (without a 800x600 display) wants to
have all things smaller and smaller, ok, I don't like something using
half of my display showing something I don't want, but I think the
status in the tab isn't to big to be a problem and is really useful.

I'm with Lukas, I used to have more than 5 tabs open, if I want to
talk with someone I don't like to go to the buddy list or tab around
all conversations or decipher a freaking formatted text in the tab to
look if is he still online.

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