Reducing tab size

Steven Garrity stevelist at
Mon Aug 6 19:02:04 EDT 2007

Sean Egan wrote:
> An update on my tab-width-reduction experiment:
> Tab labels are truncated at a space or @. This needs two updates: only
> truncate at spaces for aliases, as for someone with the AIM screenname
> "I am an AIM screenname," "I" does not make a useful label.
> Additionally, it should detect if it's creating duplicate tabs, and
> not truncate in that case. For instance, I'd rather see "Mark Spencer"
> and "Mark Doliner" than two "Mark"s

See Safari's tab label behaviour. If two pages have similar titles, it 
will show the beginning of one, and the end of the other.

> Close buttons have been replaced. They used to be a 16x16 pixel icon
> inside a GtkButton, which added a bunch of additional padding and
> borders (for small amounts of a 'bunch'). I replaced this to use just
> a GtkLabel with its text set to 'U+2715 MULTIPLICATION X' The result
> looks great regardless of theme or font sizes. Is super-sleek, and (in
> my opinion, at least) much better than what we had before.


> And, most controversially, status icons are currently replaced with
> text formatting: normal formatting for available, strike-through for
> offline, and italics for unavailable. I additionally want to add a
> tooltip on the text to explain what the formatting means.
> A screenshot:

Seems to me this removes the necessity for having the tab show when 
there is only one conversation. Perhaps that's already been covered - I 
haven't followed the entire thread.

Steven Garrity

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