Reducing tab size

Lukas Barth tinloaf at
Mon Aug 6 19:16:33 EDT 2007

Sean Egan schrieb:
> And, most controversially, status icons are currently replaced with
> text formatting: normal formatting for available, strike-through for
> offline, and italics for unavailable. I additionally want to add a
> tooltip on the text to explain what the formatting means.

Hum, i tested this for a while now, and I think it's OK, but I think 
it's a bit confusing that "italics" now mean "user changed status" *or* 
"user is away". I would prefer "grayed out" for users being away (this 
is sort of intuitive, I think, and it is similar to the buddylist) and 
italics for users who changed status.

But in any case I think none of these text decorations should have two 
meanings. ;)


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