Pidgin 2.1 UI Ideas (with mockups!)

Nathan Walp nwalp at
Tue Aug 7 08:25:06 EDT 2007

Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 11:27:48PM -0400, Andrew Roeder wrote:
> <snip>
>> Personally I like having the constant icon size, just that the current 32x32
>> is too small, I think at 50x50 its reasonable to say I can make out much
>> easier what icons are displaying, even when they are shrunk from 96x96(which
>> ofcourse is still displayed on mouseover, so it will be much easier when the
>> information is displayed over buddy-icon-hovering.)
> In my entirely un-scientific, and un-researched counts the number of
> people who complain that the 32x32 buddy icon is too small and the number
> of people who complain that the current infopane is too large are
> approximately even. I think moving to having a 50x50 infopane is not a
> particularly bad idea because the people who think the infopane is too big
> will likely not mind the extra "too big"-ness of the 50x50 icons and the
> 32x32-is-too-small users will be made happier.
> Given this though, I have been giving more weight to having the infopane
> have similar 'show buddy details' settings like the buddy list does for
> different sizes.

I think what I'd rather see is having the buddy icon respond to 
left-clicks, to alternate between shrunken-head mode and full-sized mode.



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