Use case for per-protocol icons

Steven Brown steven.w.j.brown at
Tue Aug 7 13:26:34 EDT 2007

Josh Williams wrote:
> It sounds like there's been a misunderstanding, then. I've been
> referring to the icon in the chat window, not the buddy list. I keep
> the buddy list closed. I don't think it really matters so much in the
> buddy list window, to be honest.

Oh wow.  I just spent an incredibly long time reading this thread with 
the understanding you were talking about the buddy-list.  Have you been 
reading any other threads on this list, Josh?  You may be interested in 
the thread I started about Pidgin 2.1 UI Ideas (with mockups).

Is there a Terminology page somewhere people can refer to before making 
posts?  If one were to make such a page, where would it be advised to be? Pidgin/AllPlatforms/  ?

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