Use case for per-protocol icons

Tim Ringenbach tim.ringenbach at
Tue Aug 7 21:08:58 EDT 2007

On 8/6/07, Josh Williams <yurimxpxman at> wrote:
> By "fork", I mean I'm using the pidgin source tarball as the base of
> the program. libpurple will be renamed to libim, finch to tim, and
> pidgin to kim. Pidgin is the only component that will be re-written
> from scratch (probably, that is; maybe finch, as well).

Neat, you're naming it after my wife and me!

Which is actually kind of silly since I support the UI changes, and am more
of a fan of GTK than I am QT :P

While you've justified wanting to fork the UI (where I'm counting even an
irrational "I don't like X" as justification), I haven't seen anything in
this thread to justify forking finch or especially libpurple. You really
should have justified that first, to avoid everyone telling you that you're
foolish because what you complained about only needed a new UI.

It's the forking of libpurple that needs the most justification (and makes
the least since to me).

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